There was a time when there was practically nothing between fast food and casual dining to satisfy the hungry. Chipotle championed fast-casual, a format that delivered casual dining eats with the convenience of fast food. Sure, chains including Subway and Panda Express had the assembly line concept down before Chipotle. Others like Panera take a little more time on the prep but still put out table-service-quality eats. Chipotle is the one that put it all together with a “food with integrity” mantra that resonates with its growing fan base.

Chipotle is huge now. There are now 3,479 locations, but Chipotle expects to more than double that store count in North America alone. It’s also not afraid to continue innovating. When it saw digital sales take off on this side of the pandemic crisis it made it easier to utilize a second assembly line in the back of the restaurant to piece together the growing number of takeout orders without inconveniencing walk-in traffic like other concepts are doing. Drive-thru lanes have been around in the restaurant industry since the 1940s, but Chipotle is now incorporating its cleverly titled Chipotlanes to most of its new openings to make it easier for customers and third-party delivery app drivers to get their food.

As big as Chipotle has grown over the years, it keeps finding ways to deliver stellar returns. The stock is up 57% over the past year, and has more than quadrupled over the last five years. Double-digit revenue gains continue, including three consecutive quarters of 14% top-line growth. Expansion stacked on top of healthy comps can keep those gains coming. The story gets even better on the bottom line with at least 36% growth in earnings for each of the last three years.

Chipotle has tried and failed to grow out sister concepts, but reality has shown that it doesn’t need a second act. The namesake chain is all it needs. Chipotle stunned the market with its success, and the imitators have followed. Don’t let this week’s upcoming 50-for-1 stock split distract you. This is a top-shelf restaurant stock and disruptor that continues to raise the bar-bacoa.